Hi guys.

In may of 2018 i begin a website to made the options of the old JACK knife, accesible. But get some harrasment from two guys who get a similar product and beggar for isk and USD. No problem.

EsiKnife was two thing at the same time. Was working in a third.

  • a ) A matrix comparation for multiple chars (By the way i took a little time to do this seven minute video ( ) of the matrix comparations Esi Knife made Possible. The Dream Team Module, auto select and remove of the view the characters that are, by the algorithm, redundant.) and
  • b), a substitute to the old Jack Knife. This is an example : Last week i was working in
  • c ) A version to replace ( )putting some things of the matrix version as skills/ clone data/standings, but now is over. I close all the versions, the one matrix who require login, the simple version used for and by recruiters and stop making an style version

Now in October 2021 Recently CCP talk about changes in the auth process. No problem. For the Operations of Purchasing / selling Characters, we use the past three years a tool called , needed for Character bazaar forum. He told us in the first days of October, following the announce of the changes to ESI, a bad news. He go to close his site in january 1 2022.

Then i made an error. I offer to do a substitute for that. CCP not only destroy economy with the industry patch. They made past days somo awful changes in ESI and made CAPTCHAS mandatory. Some times i cant work 20 minutes because when i change accounts, i get three captchas with errors. This style:

The people in the Character Bazaar flag me as inaproppiate . Well…

I dont need use my time for rude people.

Stick and no Carrots. Only stick, no carrot.

I have always thought that a game follows rules, which are not changed every so often; the interaction with other players must be to improve your game and life. I’ve been in alliances. I came out of null before the Covid due to overwork in real life. I’ve recently seen industry changes get you in trouble to do something medium size. You sell your material to null builders or you build yourself at a loss.

As Head of an industry corporation with 60 high sec people, there is nothing I can do with the buy back that I purchase at a fair price. In the past I did freighters. Now they are sold below cost. I am hoarding materials again.

The recent incident where I mentioned the problem with captchas when testing as a substitute for evskillboard, represents for me an example of the problems. Another is the price of plex which prevents some players from being able to pay their game with PLEX. My corp mates are Spanish speaking. Here 15 USD can be a lot. TAX changes, get taxes on taxes don’t help either.

First, changes are made to the ESI that do not affect me much. Okay. Second, suddenly they put a capctha that prevents me from doing simple tests, in the same path of an application that has been running for about three years, and that has 1000 to 2000 fixed users, but is also used by about 100 to 200 people weekly to generate pages that recruiters use, character summaries, well, as Jack Knife was at the time.

But I see no point in dedicating my time to a rude community. The most benefited by were the people of Character Bazaar, and there they flagged a message about excessive and illegible captchas.

CCP Rattati made the game itself as a stick and not a carrot with industry changes, I don’t see why interact or try to help impolite people in the Character bazaar. No case to help them.

Readers, I’m not going to spend my time on a game with these type of industry changes and broken economy.Thanks to the rude people, who also put the flag in my post, i don’t want help anymore the Caracter Bazaar People.

I understand. They want to be rude and hope someone else dedicate their time and servers to them. I do not.

I close because i dont plan support any rude people of the character bazaar, and anyway i cant made changes to the ESI , cant try browsers without captchas or changing IPS and ip changes implies changes with problems in my real world job (as developer) , loss of flow, and if i cant stay 20 minutes without captchas , without close many things to change ipaddress, then is not possible to me made fixes or enchancements to esiknife without making compromises in my fleet time in the game or my real life situation/job.

I think CCP rattati is doing bad changes to the game, and the QA of the game is downhill. Not go to use my developer time in fight captchas, and my gamer time helping rude people.

I go to stay in New Eden, but not with my known chars. I hope CCP rattati left soon.

Fly safe